Introduction to Airsteps
- 28th October

Aimed at those of you who'd wanted to try air steps or had tried some before, but were a bit rusty, this workshop focussed on a few key moves which aren’t too difficult to master. Air steps are a great way to impress an audience in a performance or jam circle. The key to flying is really all down to timing and trust.

Vintage Chorus Line 2 
- 28th October

We had such a successful Vintage Chorus Line in May, we decided to do it again with a new routine!

New moves, new tune, lots of fun and based on the iconic chorus lines of the 1930s. Think Busby Berkeley, fancy formations, fun and frolics. You didn't need to be an advanced dancer, just willing to work with others, and we had lots of laughs. By the end, we had put together a chorus line routine - fabulous, dahling - see the YouTube channel for a video snippet.

Big Apple Routine - Keep Punching

For the last two weeks in August, Lindy Hop Tuesdays became Big Apple Tuesdays. Here was a chance to learn the world-famous Frankie Manning Big Apple Routine, as seen in the movie 'Keep Punching', performed by Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. Perfect for performances! Check it out on YouTube

Lindy Hop Tuesdays
- A Tribute to Frankie 

Every Tuesday in May was a celebration of the life of Frankie Manning. We nailed the Lindy Chorus, one of his choreographies, and learned lots more of his classic moves and sequences.

Vintage Chorus Line Workshop - 6th May

What a great day. So much fun! See pics on the Gallery Pages and video snippet on Youtube. We had another one in the Autumn!

April Swing
with Mimmi and Fredrik

Photos from the April Swing weekend are on the Gallery pages. There's also a video clip over on YouTube. We had a great time with the most lovely teachers, Fredrik and Mimmi. Hopefully we’ll have them back in Edinburgh soon. 😊

Lindy Hop Tuesdays
- 'Hop To It' 

April's smörgåsbord of Lindy Loveliness is finished - Fancy Footwork, Juicy Jam Circles and Charleston Craziness!

Lindy Hop Tuesdays
- March Madness

March Madness is now over. We threw some really fancy moves into the mix each week. Fancy dips, tricks and baby aerials. Flashy moves to wow on the dancefloor.  

Sunday Swing
21st January

This workshop is now finished and everyone had a great day with an Improvers' Intensive and a Spins, Dips and other Fancy Stuff workshop. There are a few photos on the Gallery page.

Tap Dance for Beginners
- September to November

A brand new tap dance class for beginners. We did two 5 week blocks of classes suitable for adults with no previous experience, as well as those who have tapped a little before but would like to start again from scratch. We learned some fundamental steps and technique of tap dance and practised basic moves such as shuffles, tap-springs, and easy time steps. We then linked these together into simple sequences to build confidence and to get everyone dancing.​