California Routine Masterclass
7th May

We were super excited to teach a masterclass for Dance Base on the fabulous 'California Routine'. Danced by hundreds, if not thousands of swing dancers all around the globe, this is a famous Frankie Manning choreography associated with the 1941 film, Hellzapoppin'. 

The original crazy-paced routine from the film is here, but we taught the more danceable version you can see in this clip from the "World's Largest California Routine" at Lindy Focus XV. It’s perfectly do-able and it’s such a fun routine. Suitable for improver Lindy Hoppers and above. Partner recommended. Would love to see you there. Sign up now!

Swing Clinic
13th March

Finally, after two long years, we are getting back to normal. Our Swing Clinic on 13th March was a lovely afternoon. A mix of social dancing, which we have all missed, and one to one / small group troubleshooting. We also had a short focus teaching session on Followers' swivels and leader footwork variations. These clinics are great for helping you to hone your skills and take your dancing to the next level. We will be continuing with these clinics throughout 2022. 

Ballroom Practice Time
8th May

We played music and exchanged remembered dance steps in order to practice and brush up on technique. This was a fundraiser for Ukraine with all donations sent to the DEC for Ukraine.